- We will require everyone to get their temperatures checked upon entering into our suite along with filling out a Public Health Departments Questionnaire. 

- Masks wills be required by both client & stylist according to CDC guidelines. Stylist's will also be wearing a face shield for clients protection. 

- Inside of our private suite we have our own Air Purifier with UVC Light to kill any airborne pathogens and microorganisms as well.

- To ensure your safety we will be take every extra precaution necessary! This means we will only be booking one client at a time and there will be no double booking. Making sure it is a one on one experience to encourage social distancing a long with a thorough sanitation process such as, cleaning of the room, our stations, tools & implements between clients up to Public Health Department & CDC protocols. (Yes we sanitize our pens and door handles too!)

- We ask you come alone unless you are a minor then you may be accompanied by an adult.

- During this time sadly we will not be able to provide any complimentary drinks besides bottled water due to safety & health code reasons. Once this pandemic is over with we look forward to providing this amenity! 

- We will be providing disposable robes. So if you are coming in for a color service we suggest wearing a shirt with you that you don’t mind getting stained. Also, there are changing rooms available for your convenience.

- We are getting tested regularly in order to Manetain the highest level of safety for you, our beloved clients!



At Manetain Salon we are happy to accommodate all of our clients needs. We able to offer our services inside our private indoor salon suite, or outdoors on a secluded patio.  We are happy to provide any clients who are immunocompromised with a private one-on-one appointment with only their personal stylist.

338 N.Canon Dr.

Third Floor, Suite 7

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Phone: 323-244-4078

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